Welcome to the CMH Clinic of Integrated Medicine. Our desire is to offer a place especially to create a therapeutic environment where the Science in armony with biological balance of the body, become unique place of health where we combine the best traditional treatment with the most vanguard advances in medicine, all under a holistic focus on health.

Based on previous diagnosis, and thanks to the highly qualified professionals in different specialties, we give personalized treatments that consider the person and the sickness as a whole. A vision based on four aspects of the human being: biochemistry, skeleton-muscular, energy and psycho-emotional.

Health is not simply the absence of illness. In our clinic we do not only treat symptoms of an illness by understanding the causes, but we also seek the recuperation of ones Global Health in its broadest sense. Our goal is to bring back a state of health, youth, vitality and wellbeing.

The human body works in unison. It is an indivisible unit, where all the systems are related to one another and its environment. Health and illness depend of the harmony of these inter-relationships and those with the environment. In the CMH Clinic of Integrated Medicine we focus on this new scientific paradigm based on the Theory of Systems.

We are experts in slowing down of aging, avoiding illness, and diseases treatment, based in the studio of the causes, or this, we have been pioneers of the most avanced tecnologies.

We would be very pleased to welcome you.

Rosa Sánchez
Founder and Director


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