Our ancestral physiology is built to handle all manner of stresses however we are ill-equipped to fight acute and chronic disease and newer threats such as viruses or pollution.

Micro-organisms such as bacteria (listeriosis), incluso borrelia (lyme) , viruses (SARS), miasms (inherited issues), parasites, chemicals, metals, and fungi (Seasonal Affected Disorder) are contributing factors for compromised immune systems, which prevent us from achieving optimal health. Most of us have multiple pathogens and multiple diseases brewing inside of us at any given time.
Each one of them also has a specific vibration.

In many cases, the microorganisms are many diseases responsible . There are powerful, noninvasive complementary therapies that may help patients to eliminate microorganisms without affecting the rest of your body or to cause side effects, useful to restore the health of a healthy and natural way. They are biofrecuencias combining with Rife frequency cell biomagnetism (balancing Ph) cell oxygenation, plasma regeneration and eliminating toxicity. If you want more specific information click here.


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