A type of hyperthermia, a technique with RF, simple, effective and completely safe application. The application time is moderate and is perfectly suited to each individual patient. The results obtained in the treatment of many diseases, are of exceptional quality, and enable dynamic treatments of many other therapies.

Radiofrequency, artificially increases the internal temperature of the treated areas of the body by up to five degrees, allowing the regenerated tissue cell and a strong vasodilation occurs with the consequent increase of blood and lymph circulation. Increases the supply of oxygen and stimulates respiration endocellular reduces extracellular acidity, decreased levels of free radicals, improves metabolism and stimulates a better immune response and more effective removal of toxic waste.

Also restores cell electric potential of tissues and organs subjected to treatment, so these cells are regenerated to recover its optimum operating level. Indicated in numerous pathologies, deep radiofrecuency decreases our biological age and prevents aging, eliminating inflammation and pain.

This therapy has no contraindications and has no negative side effects. On the contrary, the RF Hipertermiapor is indicated even in cases in which the heat would be counterproductive (fever, varicose veins, acute inflammation due to trauma, etc.).

Deep radiofrequency is indicated not only in aesthetic Medicine, Very effective in physiotherapy and Natural or biological medicine.


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