The ionic detox foot spa is that it is a fast, effective and an inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the bio energetic fields of the body facilitating better organ function and promoting auto detoxification.

With Detoxification patients will boost their immune system, sleep more soundly, enhance their digestion, increase mental alertness and energy levels, lose unwanted weight, eliminate heavy metals and toxin pollutants, increase concentration and feel healthier in general.

We are made of 70% water, the body’s fluids contain salts and are capable of conducting electricity. So when we place out feet in a Ionic footbath our body fluids are connecting with the water. The system has a two electrodes and a electrical current is passed between them, the water becomes a conductor. The electrons flow from the negative cathode to the positive anode. Our feet have reflex points that relate to various parts of the body, so you get a bio-stimulation which may restore energy and the body balance.


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