Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) is an infectious disease caused by at least three species of bacteria belonging to the genus Borrelia. It is transmitted via the bite of an infected tick. Early symptoms may include fever, headache, and above all, fatigue.
later symptoms may involve the joints, heart, and central nervous system.

In some patients, Lyme disease can be fairly easy to treat while in others, it can feel like a never-ending battle. However Lyme disease, which is surrounded by much controversy, (the disease is confused with others illness with the same symptom) is a systemic, debilitating condition which in many cases persists despite antibiotic therapy. The seriousness of this condition and its resistance to treatment necessitates an individualized treatment plan.

The response to treatment varies greatly from patient to patient. Many patients find they need to stay on antibiotics long-term (ie. years). Patients may also need antibiotic combos, coinfection treatments, symptomatic medications, and natural therapies. With integratives treatments some patients experience full recovery.

In CMH CLINIC we offer complementary treatments for Lyme disease. These complementary treatments do not replace the standard treatments for Lyme disease, but is a magnific help to remove the disease, the pain, to increase the energy and vitality in the patients.

In order to receive treatment tailored to your own unique needs,to get the most success, our patients are treated successfully combining biological protocols with devices without side effect, frequencies,and orthomolecular supplements after the cell analysis. Compatible with conventional medicine, the treatments are under recomendation of biological medicine specialist and the medical supervision of the clinic.

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