Cell regenerator

Ion-induction-therapy we want to innovate a new, easy and pain-free way of reducing functional problems (scans) and transferring energy in the body. Medical treatments will not be substituted, but rather supported and enhanced in a complementary basis.

The Ion Magnetic Induction was developed about 20 years agoand has been continuously improved ever since, through the testimonies of various doctors worldwide.

It is the first and only device which generates high frequency magnetic impulses through a special plasma chamber. These magnetic impulses induce electric tensions and currents inside the body, which improve the well-being. The micro impulses with their lightning-like frequency spectrums have a positive influence on the cells metabolism and thereby promote "the regeneration of the cells", which again restores the normal condition.

It is also possible that the regeneration of the cells through sessions is faster and more efficient, while the metabolism is stimulated by increasing the cells’ membrane potential.

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